MCQ on Teaching Aptitude for UGC Net

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MCQ on Teaching Aptitude for UGC Net. We covered all the MCQ on Teaching Aptitude for UGC Net in this post for free so that you can practice well for the exam.

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MCQ on Teaching Aptitude for UGC Students

Which committee suggested that a central position should be allotted in the school curriculum for community service programs like SUPW?

1. Kothari Commission

2. Secondary Education Commission

3. Radhakrishnan Commission

4. Eeswar Abai Patel Commission

Option 4 – Eeswar Abai Patel Commission

Which institute helps the primary and upper primary schools through tele school programs every day?





Option 3 – SIET

What is the meaning of the Greek word ‘SKHOLE

1. Learning

2. Running

3. Interval

4. None of them

Option 3 – Interval

Teaching should be like this

1. Centering around the teacher

2. Centering around the student

3. Centering around society

4. Centering around the school

Option 2 – Centering around the student

Which of the following is essential for a teacher?

1. Knowledge of the society

2. Knowledge of the contents of the lesson

3. Knowledge of student’s psychology

4. All the above

Option 4 – All the above

How does the construction of the curriculum take place?

1. according to educational psychology

2. according to educational philosophy

3. according to the needs of the school

4. according to the DEO’s instructions

Option 2 – according to educational philosophy

Why should the teacher often consult the parents?

1. Because the link is essential with the student’s parents

2. to have parents’ participation

3. To win their sympathy and to collect contributions

4. To better the performance of the school educational committees

Option 2 – to have parents’ participation

Who will select the teaching objectives and methods?

1. Student

2. Headmaster

3. Teacher

4. DEO

Option 3 – Teacher

Which school of thought said its sole objective was the realization of the student’s soul?

1. Idealism

2. Pragmatism

3. Realism

4. Existentialism

Option 1 – Idealism

From which language the English word ‘school’ is derived?

1. Arab

2. Urdu

3. German

4. Greek

Option 4 – Greek

Who believed that nature was the origin of the world?

1. Idealists

2. Naturalists

3. Realists

4. Existentialists

Option 2 – Naturalists

Which of the following belonged to the school of realism?

1. Russeau

2. Spencer

3. Tagore

4. John Dewey

Option 4 – John Dewey

Which school of thought William James belonged to?

1. Idealism

2. Naturalism

3. Externalisms

4. Realism

Option 4 – Realism

The first step to integral personality…

1. school

2. society

3. surroundings

4. family

Option 4 – family

The method of teaching designed by Kill Patrick?

1. Project method

2. Lecture method

3. Heuristic method

4. Demonstrative method

Option 1 – Project method

Which of the following provides education for a large group at a time?

1. School

2. Media

3. Above 2

4. None of the above

Option 2 – Media

Who was instrumental in increasing the popularity of technical and professional education?

1. Idealists

2. Pragmatists

3. Realists

4. Naturalists

Option 3 – Realists

Who said that teaching the student to his/her mother is like a mother’s milk?

1. Tagore

2. Mahatma Gandhi

3. John Dewey

4. Kominias

Option 1 – Tagore

Which school of thought gave top priority to human freedom?

1. Realism

2. Idealism

3. Atheism

4. Pragmatism

Option 3 – Atheism

The teaching method of Idealism?

1. Lecture method

2. Heuristic method

3. Question and answer method

4. Project method

Option 3 – Question and answer method

Which educational committee proposed SUPW?

1. New Education Policy-1986

2. Yashpal Committee

3. Kothari Committee

4. Eeswari Bhai Patel Committee

Option 4 – Eeswari Bhai Patel Committee

In which year did Mahatma Gandhi introduce basic education Scheme?

1. 1935

2. 1937

3. 1939

4. 1947

Option 2 – 1937

Which commission gave the most integrated report about Indian education?

1. Kothari Commission

2. National Education Policy 1986

3. Yashpal Committee

4. Secondary Education Commission

Option 1 – Kothari Commission

Which national body will conduct studies, surveys, and research on teachers’ education and publish reports?





Option 4 – NCTE

Which commission suggested that necessary facilities should be created for the teachers to put their soul into their work and for the children to make their studies a pleasure?

1. Eeswari Bhai Patel Commission

2. National Education Policy-1986

3. Kothari Commission

4. Janardhan Reddy Committee

Option 1 – Eeswari Bhai Patel Commission

We covered all the MCQ on teaching aptitude for UGC net above in this post for free so that you can practice well for the exam.

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