Biomolecules Chemistry NEET Questions

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Biomolecules Chemistry NEET Questions. We covered all the Biomolecules Chemistry NEET Questions in this post for free so that you can practice well for the exam.

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Biomolecules Chemistry NEET Objective Questions for Students

Fructofuranose exists in …. anomeric forms.

(A) Four

(B) Three

(C) Two

(D) One

Option c – Two

Glucose is

(A) a Cyclic six-membered ring

(B) a Cyclic six-membered ring in analogy with pyrene

(C) a Cyclic five-membered ring in analogy with furan

(D) a Cyclic five-membered ring

Option b – a Cyclic six-membered ring in analogy with pyrene

Inverted sugar is

(A) A variety of sucrose

(B) a mixture of glucose and galactose

(C) an Equimolar mixture of glucose and fructose

(D) an Optically inactive form of sugar

Option c – an Equimolar mixture of glucose and fructose

The pyranose ring structure of glucose contains

(A) Amide linkage

(B) Ether linkage

(C) Ester linkage

(D) Imine linkage

Option b – Ether linkage

Glucose + HCN -> ?

(A) Rearrangement product

(B) Oxidation product

(C) Reduction of product

(D) Glucose cyanohydrin

Option d – Glucose cyanohydrin

When compound A is on oxidation by nitric acid and produces saccharic acid then A will be

(A) Glucose

(B) Glucoxime

(C) Fructose

(D) Galactose

Option a – Glucose

The number of hydroxyl groups in glucose pentacetate is

(A) Two

(B) Zero

(C) Five

(D) Eight

Option b – Zero

A monosaccharide on acetylation gives triacetate, but it is not oxidized by bromine water. The monosaccharide is

(A) Ribose

(B) Erythrose

(C) Erythrulose

(D) Xylulose

Option c – Erythrulose

A laevorotatory carbohydrate present in fruits is

(A) Maltose

(B) Lactose

(C) Sucrose

(D) Fructose

Option d – Fructose

Glucose is not

(A) Aldohexose

(B) Carbohydrates

(C) Aldoses

(D) Semicarbazide

Option d – Semicarbazide

Glyceraldehyde and dihydroxy acetone are a pair of

(A) Anomers

(B) Enantiomers

(C) Epimers

(D) Functional isomers

Option d – Functional isomers

Glucose treated with hydroxylamine to give

(A) Glucose hydrazone

(B) Glucose phenyl hydrazone

(C) Glucoxime

(D) Glucose semicarbazide

Option c – Glucoxime

We covered all the biomolecules chemistry neet questions above in this post for free so that you can practice well for the exam.

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