Current Affairs in Hindi Uttarakhand

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Current Affairs in Hindi Uttarakhand. We covered all the Current Affairs in Hindi Uttarakhand in this post for free so that you can practice well for the exam.

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Current Affairs GK Test for Students

Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, Union Minister for Education and Skill Development, launched the North East Research Conclave (NERC) 2022 in which city?

(a) Kolkata

(b) Gangtok

(c) Dimapur

(d) Guwahati

Option d - Guwahati

Recently Bangladesh Prime Minister has offered India the use of which port as a connectivity solution towards North East India?

(a) Port Of Mongla

(b) Port Of Narayanganj

(c) Port Of Dhaka

(d) Port Of Chittagong

Option d - Port Of Chittagong

Under whose chairmanship, has the government announced the formation of the Cotton Council of India?

(a) Piyush Goyal

(b) Suresh Kotak

(c) Anuradha Krishna

(d) Rohtas Gandhi

Option b - Suresh Kotak

The 'State of Inequality in India' Report was recently released by ……..

(a) Rajiv Kumar

(b) Narendra Modi

(c) Amit Shah

(d) Bibek Debroy

Option d - Bibek Debroy

The New Development Bank (NDB) of the BRICS countries has announced plans to open its regional office in which Indian state?

(a) Maharashtra

(b) Telangana

(c) Tamil Nadu

(d) Gujarat

Option d - Gujarat

'India-UAE Start-Up Bridge' was recently launched in which city?

(a) Pune

(b) Bengaluru

(c) Mumbai

(d) Chennai

Option c - Mumbai

What is the name of India's first dedicated astronomy mission, which witnessed the birth of black holes for the five hundredth time?

(a) AstroSat

(b) IndiSat

(c) Saurmandal

(d) BharatSat

Option a - AstroSat

Which state government has announced launching a state-owned over-the-top (OTT) platform?

(a) Uttar Pradesh

(b) Odisha

(c) Assam

(d) Kerala

Option d - Kerala

Recently, which archaeology-related organization was re-constituted by the centre?

(a) Central Advisory Board on Archaeology

(b) Archaeological Survey of India

(c) Indian Archaeological Society

(d) Centre for Interdisciplinary Archaeological Research

Option a - Central Advisory Board on Archaeology

Anti-Terrorism Day is marked every year on which date in India?

(a) 19th May

(b) 20th May

(c) 21st May

(d) 22nd May

Option c - 21st May

Union Home and Co-operation Minister, Amit Shah inaugurated the National Cyber Forensic Laboratory (NCFL) in which city?

(a) Mumbai

(b) Chennai

(c) Bengaluru

(d) Hyderabad

Option d - Hyderabad

Which state has reported cases of Tomato Fever?

(a) Tamil Nadu

(b) Assam

(c) Kerala

(d) Karnataka

Option c - Kerala

What is the name of the twin identical satellite to be built by ISRO for studying the upper atmosphere?

(a) GATI




Option b - DISHA

Who has been appointed the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director (MD) of Air India?

(a) Ajay Singh

(b) Wilson Campbell

(c) Tony Fernandes

(d) Sanjiv Kapoor

Option b - Wilson Campbell

An MoU was signed between NSDC International (NSDCI) and Hindustan Ports Private Limited, to establish a Skill India International Centre in which city?

(a) Varanasi

(b) Bhopal

(c) Pune

(d) Gurugram

Option a - Varanasi

ISRO successfully tested the HS200 solid rocket booster for which programme/project?

(a) Shukrayaan

(b) Mangalyaan

(c) Gaganyaan Mission

(d) Lunar Polar Exploration

Option c - Gaganyaan Mission

'Buddhavanam' touted to be Asia's largest Buddhist theme park has been inaugurated in which state?

(a) Himachal Pradesh

(b) Telangana

(c) Arunachal Pradesh

(d) Karnataka

Option b - Telangana

We covered all the current affairs in Hindi uttarakhand above in this post for free so that you can practice well for the exam.

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