Fats and Oils MCQ

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Fats and Oils MCQ. We covered all the Fats and Oils MCQ in this post for free so that you can practice well for the exam.

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MCQ on Fats and Oils for Students

Sodium or potassium salt of fatty acids of long carbon chain are called?

1. Pesticides

2. Insecticides

3. Detergents

4. Soaps

Option 4 – Soaps

Soaps can be directly obtained from oils and fats by hydrolysis in the presence of a

1. Acid

2. Base

3. Nickel

4. Zinc

Option 2 – Base

The process of hydrolysis of fats or oils in the presence of a base to obtain soap is called?

1. Hydrogenation

2. Decomposition

3. Fermentation

4. Saponification

Option 4 – Saponification

Soap is manufactured from :

1. coconut oil

2. palm oil

3. soya been oil

4. all the above

Option 4 – all the above

Shaving soap contains excess of

1. builders

2. perfume

3. glycerol

4. stearic acid

Option 4 – stearic acid

Transparent soap contains :

1. lauric acid

2. glycerol

3. glycol

4. triethanolamine

Option 2 – glycerol

Which of the following can be used as a builder in soap

1. Sodium Chloride

2. Sodium Hydroxide

3. Soda ash

4. Sodium Nitrate

Option 3 – Soda ash

Slow drying lathes soap contains excuss of :

1. Linoleinic acid

2. Stearic acid

3. Lauric acid

4. Oleic acid

Option 2 – Stearic acid

Good soap is that which gives the

1. Largest lather

2. Lowest lather

3. Both (1) and (2)

4. None of these

Option 1 – Largest lather

Detergents differ from soap in Their action with

1. Skin

2. Cloths

3. Hard water

4. None of these

Option 3 – Hard water

The catalyst used in hydrogenation of oils is?

1. Al

2. Zn

3. Ni

4. Mg

Option 3 – Ni

Cotton seed oil contains

1. Oleic acid ester

2. Stearic acid ester

3. Lauric acid ester

4. Linolinic acid ester

Option 1 – Oleic acid ester

Hydrogenation of cotton seed oil gives the ester of ?

1. Lauric acid

2. Stearic acid

3. Oleic acid

4. Linolieinic acid

Option 2 – Stearic acid

We covered all the fats and oils mcq above in this post for free so that you can practice well for the exam.

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