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Sulphur and Its Compounds MCQs

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Sulphur and Its Compounds MCQs. We covered all the Sulphur and Its Compounds MCQs in this post for free so that you can practice well for the exam.

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We also covered some other topics of chemistry like carbon and its compounds, rate of reaction, and action of heat on substances MCQ for free on our website.

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MCQ on Sulphur and its Compounds for Students

Sulphur is used in

1. purification of water

2. preparation of ice

3. vulcanisation of rubber

4. manufactured fertilizers

Option 3 – vulcanisation of rubber

One of the ingredients of gun powder is

1. Sand

2. Mercuric oxide

3. NaCl

4. Sulphur

Option 4 – Sulphur

The relative density of plastic sulphur is

1. 2.06

2. 1.96

3. 1.95

4. 2.50

Option 3 – 1.95

The ore containing mercuric sulphide is called

1. Cinnabar

2. Galena

3. Haematite

4. Red copper ore

Option 1 – Cinnabar

PbS means

1. Cinnabar

2. Copper Pyrites

3. Galena

4. Iron pyrites

Option 3 – Galena

CuS means

1. Iron pyrites

2. Copper pyrites

3. Galena

4. Haematite

Option 2 – Copper pyrites

HgS means

1. Iron pyrites

2. Copper pyrites

3. Galena

4. Cinnabar

Option 4 – Cinnabar

Sulphur dissolves in

1. water

2. carbon disulphide

3. kerosene

4. oil

Option 2 – carbon disulphide

The allotrope of Sulphur which is in soluble in carbon disulphide

1. Rhombic Sulphur

2. Monoclinic Sulphur

3. Plastic Sulphur

4. Powdered Sulphur

Option 3 – Plastic Sulphur

The special kiln used in the extraction of Sulphur by Sicilian process is called

1. Reverboratory furnace

2. Tank furnace

3. Castner’s cell

4. Calcaroni

Option 4 – Calcaroni

The relative density of Rhombic sulphur is

1. 1.96

2. 1.95

3. 2.06

4. 2.05

Option 3 – 2.06

The most stable allotropic form of Sulphur is

1. Rhombic sulphur

2. Beta sulphur

3. Plastic sulphur

4. Flower sulphur

Option 1 – Rhombic sulphur

We covered all the sulphur and its compounds MCQs above in this post for free so that you can practice well for the exam.

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