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World Geography MCQ with Answers

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World Geography MCQ with Answers. We covered all the World Geography MCQ with Answers in this post for free so that you can practice well for the exam.

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MCQ on World Geography for Students

Plains formed in limestone regions are called

1. karst plains

2. floods plains

3. peneplains

4. alluvial plains

Option 1 – karst plains

The Red Sea is an example of a

1. folded structure

2. faulted structure

3. lava structure

4. residual structure

Option 2 – faulted structure

Which of the following is not associated with the UNO?



(C) Security Council


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Metamorphic rocks originate from

1. igneous rocks

2. sedimentary rocks

3. both igneous and sedimentary rocks

4. none of these

Option 3 – both igneous and sedimentary rocks

Rocks formed deep inside the earth as a result of solidification of lava are called

1. plutonic rocks

2. volcanic rocks

3. metamorphic rocks

4. sedimentary rocks

Option 1 – plutonic rocks

The International Court of Justice is located at?

(A) Geneva

(B) Hague

(C) Amsterdam

(D) Vienna

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Which is an organic rock?

1. marble

2. coal

3. granite

4. slate

Option 2 – coal

Places having equal salinity in the oceans are connected by

1. Isophenes

2. Isonephs

3. Isohels

4. Isohalines

Option 4 – Isohalines

Laterisation occurs in

1. warm, humid areas

2. poorly drained areas

3. cool temperate areas

4. riverine tracts

Option 1 – warm, humid areas

Which soil is most common in the Indo Gangetic Plain?

1. podzol

2. alluvial

3. laterite

4. regur

Option 2 – alluvial

To which group does the black cotton soil of India belong?

1. laterite

2. podzol

3. chernozem

4. alluvial

Option 3 – chernozem

The term ‘epicentre’ is associated with

1. earthquakes

2. folding

3. faulting

4. earth’s interior

Option 1 – earthquakes

Isochrones are lines joining places with equal

1. longitude

2. travelling time from a point

3. rainfall

4. frost

Option 2 – travelling time from a point

Isohalines are the isopleths of

1. height

2. salinity

3. transport cost

4. hail

Option 2 – salinity

Which of the following has least salinity ?

1. Arctic Ocean

2. Baltic Sea

3. Red Sea

4. Bering Sea

Option 2 – Baltic Sea

Isohels are the isopleths of

1. sun shine

2. flowering time

3. rain

4. clouds

Option 1 – sun shine

What is meant by ‘willy-willy’?

1. tropical cyclone near Australia

2. an earthquake

3. a very high tide

4. a tropical cyclone near India

Option 1 – tropical cyclone near Australia

Cocos plate lies in

1. North Pacific

2. South Pacific

3. North Atlantic

4. South Atlantic

Option 3 – North Atlantic

What is measured on the Richter scale?

1. wind velocity

2. earthquakes

3. depth

4. heat

Option 2 – earthquakes

The best way to define rock types will be :

1. igneous-carbonate-metamorphic

2. sedimentary-igneous-limestone

3. igneous-sedimentary-metamorphic

4. igneous-metamorphic-marble

Option 3 – igneous-sedimentary-metamorphic

Which continent has the highest density of population?

1. Asia

2. Europe

3. Africa

4. North America

Option 1 – Asia

One of the warm currents in the Indian Ocean is the

1. Labrador Current

2. Agulhas Current

3. Curoshio Current

4. Humboldt Current

Option 2 – Agulhas Current

The hot winds blowing towards the Swiss valley are known as

1. Chinook

2. Sirocco

3. Berg

4. Foehn

Option 4 – Foehn

The term ‘nife’ refers to

1. earthquakes

2. core of the earth

3. crust of the earth

4. ocean beds

Option 2 – core of the earth

The crustal layer of the earth is also called

1. sial

2. sima

3. moho

4. nife

Option 1 – sial

The theory suggesting that the continents of South America and Africa were once joined together was the

1. continental drift theory

2. tetrahedral theory

3. Kant’s theory

4. Ritter’s theory

Option 1 – continental drift theory

Plains formed due to the filling up of lakes are called

1. delta plains

2. flood plains

3. till plains

4. lacustrine plains

Option 4 – lacustrine plains

We covered all the world geography mcq with answers above in this post for free so that you can practice well for the exam.

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