Biodiversity Pedagogy CTET MCQ

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Biodiversity Pedagogy CTET MCQ

01 Which of the following is incorrect about food chain?

  1. carnivores is present at top of food chain
  2. herbivores present at the bottom of food chain
  3. plants and few other micro-organisms are the only producer on the earth
  4. human also has place in food chain

Option 2 – herbivores present at the bottom of food chain

02 In class V Environmental studies Textbook one lesson. ‘Blow Hot Blow Cold’ is a story written by Dr. Zakir Hussain. He has written many such stories for children. At the time of his death, he was the

  1. chief justice of India
  2. Vice-president of India
  3. president of India
  4. prime minister of India

Option 3 – president of India

03 ” People who have been living in the forest at least 25 years have a right to the forest land and what is grown on it.” This is mandated by

  1. The constitution (Scheduled castes) Orders (Amendment) Bill, 2012
  2. The Indian Forest Act, 1927
  3. The Right to Forest Act, 2007
  4. The Land Acquisition Act, 1894

Option 3 – The Right to Forest Act, 2007

04 Read the given description of farming and identify its type ” After cutting one crop, the land is left as it is for some years. Nothing is grown there. The bamboos or weeds which grow on that land are not pulled out. They are cut and burnt. The ash makes the land fertile. When the land is ready for farming it is lightly dug up, not plowed. Seeds are dropped on it.”

  1. cooperative farming
  2. Jhoom farming
  3. steep farming
  4. Irrigation farming

Option 2 – Jhoom farming

05 What do you mean by extinct?

  1. living organisms which facing danger of getting lost
  2. living organisms which are no more found on the earth
  3. living organisms only found at very limited place
  4. all of the above

Option 2 – living organisms which are no more found on the earth

06 Which one of the following pairs is correct?

  1. biodiversity act, 1992
  2. wildlife act, 1972
  3. conservation of forest act, 2005
  4. all of the above

Option 2 – wildlife act, 1972

07 Riya is telling students ” It is a global body and it looks after the conservation of nature and gathers information regarding plants and animals “. Riya is talking about which organization?

  1. world wildlife
  2. red data book
  3. IUCN
  4. UNFCC

Option 3 – IUCN

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