Common Salt and its Constituents MCQ

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Common Salt and its Constituents MCQ. We covered all the Common Salt and its Constituents MCQ in this post for free so that you can practice well for the exam.

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MCQ on Common Salt and its Constituents for Students

The Nelson’s cell is lined inside with :

1. Mica

2. Porcelein

3. Copper

4. Asbestos

Option 4 – Asbestos

The cathode in Nelson’s cell is :

1. Copper plate

2. Graphite rod

3. Vessel itself

4. Mercury

Option 1 – Copper plate

Castner Kellner’s cell is divided into three compartments by :

1. Asbestos partitions

2. Non-porous slate partitions

3. Steel partitions

4. Copper partitions

Option 1 – Asbestos partitions

Water solution of sodium chloride is called :

1. Aquaregia

2. Brine

3. Fehling’s Solution

4. Water gas

Option 2 – Brine

The by product liberated at the cathode during electrolysis of brine is

1. Hydrogen

2. Chlorine

3. Oxygen

4. Nitrogen

Option 3 – Oxygen

We covered all the common salt and its constituents mcq above in this post for completely free so that you can practice well for the exam.

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