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MCQ on Pressure Class 8

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MCQ on Pressure Class 8. We covered all the MCQ on Pressure Class 8 content in this post for free. This MCQ is not just for 8th class students but for all who are looking for fluid pressure MCQ.

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We also created the MCQ content on some cool topics like dynamics, simple machines, and kinematics for free on our website. You will get them in the related posts section below. Make sure you also check them and practice well.

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Fluid Pressure MCQ for School Students

The relative density of a liquid can be determined using :

1. Boyle’s law

2. Newton’s law

3. Archimedes principle

4. Pascal’s law

Option 3 – Archimedes principle

As we go to higher altitudes the atmospheric pressure

1. remains constant

2. increases

3. decreases

4. none of these

Option 3 – decreases

Bramah press works on the principle of

Which among the following is a nuclear powered submarine of Indian Navy?

(A) INS Shishumar

(B) INS Shalki

(C) INS Chakra

(D) INS Sindhuvir

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1. Pascal’s law

2. Archimedes principle

3. Boyle’s law

4. Bernouli’s principle

Option 1 – Pascal’s law

The widely used instrument to press the bales of cotton is

1. Hydraulic machine

2. Barometer

3. Altimeter

4. Spring balance

Option 1 – Hydraulic machine

The unit of pressure in S.I. system

Which one of the following is not a grassland?

(A) Veld

(B) Selvas

(C) Steppes

(D) Downs

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1. Dyne

2. Pascal

3. Newton

4. Erg

Option 2 – Pascal

An iron sphere of density 8 gm/ce weighs 20 gm in air. Find the weight in water.


2. 1.75

3. 17.5 gm

4. None of the above

Option 3 – 17.5 gm

Hydraulic machines work under the principle of

1. Boyle’s law

2. Archimedes law

3. Bernouli’s law

4. Pascal’s law

Option 4 – Pascal’s law

Who was able to find the purity of the Gold ?

1. Boyle

2. Pascal

3. Archimedes

4. Bernouli

Option 3 – Archimedes

A stone weighs 15 g in air and 12 g in water. What is its Relative density ?





Option 2 – 5

Choose the physical quantity difference from others.

1. Density

2. Pressure

3. Thrust

4. Volume

Option 4 – Volume

Choose the correct statement.

1. If the air flows with high speed the pressure exerted by it is larger.

2. If the pressure exerted on an enclosed gas increases density of the gas increases.

3. Density of humid air is greater than of dry air.

4. As altitude increases pressure of atmosphere increases

Option 2 – If the pressure exerted on an enclosed gas increases density of the gas increases.

As altitude increases

1. Pressure increases

2. Density increases.

3. Density decreases

4. Both pressure and density increases

Option 3 – Density decreases

The pair of physical quantities having the same unit is

1. Thrust and pressure

2. Thrust and weight

3. Force and pressure

4. Weight and pressure

Option 2 – Thrust and weight

1 kg.wt = ………

1.9.8 Newtons

2. 0.98 Newtons

3.8.9 Newtons

4. None

Option 1 – 9.8 Newtons

1k pa = ……. pa


2. 1000


4. 10,000

Option 2 – 1000

The liquid used in Barometer is

1. water

2. alcohol

3. oil

4. mercury

Option 4 – mercury

The force acting normal to the surface of a body is called

1. Pressure

2. Density

3. Weight

4. Thrust

Option 4 – Thrust

The instrument used in aircraft to measure altitudes is

1. Barometer

2. Thermometer

3. Altimeter

4. Anemometer

Option 3 – Altimeter

Blowing up of that ched roofs is an application of

1. Boyle’s law

2. Pascal’s law

3. Bernouli’s principle

4. Archimedes principle

Option 3 – Bernouli’s principle

We covered all the MCQ on pressure class 8 above in this post for free so that you can practice well for the exam.

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