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Multiple Choice Questions on Simple Machines

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Multiple Choice Questions on Simple Machines. We covered all the Multiple Choice Questions on Simple Machines in this post for free so that you can practice well for the exam.

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Simple Machines MCQ for School Students

A toothed wheel that transmits motion and power is called

1. Wheel and axle

2. Roman steelyard

3. Gear

4. Screw jack

Option 3 – Gear

The mechanical advantage of a screw jack can be increased by increasing

1. length of lever

2. weight of lever

3. thickness of lever

4. all of these

Option 1 – length of lever

Gears are used to change the

Which of the following is not associated with the UNO?



(C) Security Council


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1. speed

2. direction of force

3. both 1 and 2

4. none

Option 3 – both 1 and 2

The unit of moment of force in C.G.S. system is

1. dyne

2. newton

3. dyne-cm

4. newton-metre

Option 3 – dyne-cm

In a cycle the bigger wheel is known as

The International Court of Justice is located at?

(A) Geneva

(B) Hague

(C) Amsterdam

(D) Vienna

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1. free wheel

2. crank wheel

3. follower wheel

4. none

Option 2 – crank wheel

Moment of force is also called

1. couple

2. force

3. torque

4. none

Option 3 – torque

The teeth of gears are called

1. shafts

2. threads

3. cogs

4. hand crank

Option 3 – cogs

Moment of couple acts on a body produces

1. linear motion

2. oscillatory motion

3. rotatory motion

4. none

Option 3 – rotatory motion

The principle used in vice, gimlet, binding press etc. is

1. wheel and axle

2. screw

3. gears

4. all of the above

Option 2 – screw

The principle of moments is made use in

1. Physical balance

2. Roman steelyard

3. Scale balance

4. All of these

Option 4 – All of these

To change the direction of applied force the following device is used.

1. gear

2. lever

3. wheel and axle

4. torque

Option 2 – lever

Opening of a water tap is an example of

1. torque

2. moment of couple

3. screw jack.

4. wheel and axle

Option 2 – moment of couple

In a wheel and axle the load is attached to

1. wheel

2. axle

3. beam

4. thin rope

Option 2 – axle

The turning effect produced on a rigid body about a fixed point on application of force is called

1. inertia

2. angular momentum

3. moment of inertia

4. torque

Option 4 – torque

A pair of equal, unlike, parallel forces acting on a rigid body at different points producing a turning effect is called

1. moment of force

2. torque

3. couple

4. banking

Option 3 – couple

The following instrument uses gears.

1. Scissors

2. Screw driver

3. Forceps

4. Hand drill

Option 4 – Hand drill

We do not see a number of gears in

1. printing press

2. computer

3. clocks

4. motorcycle

Option 2 – computer

A couple is acting in the following :

1. opening the lid of cool drink bottle

2. opening the lid of a tin

3. opening the door

4. opening the screw cap of a bottle

Option 4 – opening the screw cap of a bottle

A screw jack is a combination of

1. a screw and a lever

2. a screw and a gear

3. two levers

4. three gears

Option 1 – a screw and a lever

We covered all the multiple choice questions on simple machines in this post for free so that you can practice well for the exam.

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