Teaching Council Aptitude Test

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Teaching Council Aptitude Test. We covered all the Teaching Council Aptitude Test in this post for free so that you can practice well for the exam.

We divided this huge topic into sub-topics and provided them on our website as small posts for your convenience. You will get their respective links in the related posts section provided below.

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MCQ on Teaching Aptitude for Students

Which subject will give solutions to the problems in the educational field?

1. Philosophy

2. Psychology

3. Social studies

4. General Science

Option 1 – Philosophy

What scientific method is followed to take suitable decisions while conducting a program and measuring the results?

1. Confirming evaluation

2. Constructive evaluation

3. Program evaluation

4. Integral evaluation

Option 3 – Program evaluation

What is a person’s totality of knowledge, understanding, and skill called?

1. Talent

2. Attitude

3. Effort

4. Learning

Option 3 – Effort

What is the only place to evaluate the abilities like narration, by-heart, expression, pronunciation, and expression of feelings?

1. Paper-pencil tests

2. Essay-type questions

3. Oral tests

4. Objective questions

Option 3 – Oral tests

Which period is to be allotted for teaching Mathematics?

1. First period

2. Second period

3. Third period

4. None of them

Option 2 – Second period

According to Gandhi, textbooks are

1. Experience

2. Teacher

3. Bhagavata – Geetha

4. Ramayana

Option 2 – Teacher

What questions will enable the students to write an integral essay?

1. Oral questions

2. Essay-type questions

3. Short answer questions

4. Objective-type questions

Option 2 – Essay-type questions

Who interpreted that planning means having an idea, imagination, and thinking beforehand?

1. Y. Dror

2. John Dewey

3. Gandhiji

4. Oxford Dictionary

Option 4 – Oxford Dictionary

Who interpreted that planning meant the process of taking decisions in serial order to reach the destination with a future perspective through optional tools?

1. Y. Dror

2. Oxford Dictionary

3. Taylor

4. Stevenson

Option 1 – Y. Dror

The teacher’s task before teaching a lesson?

1. Should explain to the students the benefits of the lesson

2. Should furnish the questions that are likely to be given in the exams from lesson

3. Students should be attracted to lesson

4. Students should be made to write the important points in the lesson

Option 3 – Students should be attracted to lesson

The teacher with the students

1. should be friendly

2. keep a distance from the students

3. should not mingle

4. should be strict

Option 1 – should be friendly

What is the group of discussions to be implemented to achieve educational objectives in a set time frame, is called?

1. Unit plan

2. Lesson plan

3. Study plan

4. Annual plan

Option 3 – Study plan

You found that some students are very much backward in Mathematics. What will you do?

1. detain them in the same class

2. send them home giving T.C.

3. tell the parents to arrange tuition at home

4. arrange special classes

Option 4 – arrange special classes

What is evaluation?

1. Preparing lesson plan

2. Conducting examinations

3. Informing the results of the education committee

4. Knowing whether teaching objectives were achieved or not

Option 4 – Knowing whether teaching objectives were achieved or not

Which will help to learn to what extent teaching objectives are achieved.

1. Teaching values

2. At the back of the textbook

3. Exams

4. Evaluation

Option 4 – Evaluation

What drawing the plan and preparing the same to achieve the desired educational needs, is called

1. Education plan

2. Annual plan

3. Unit plan

4. Program of the lesson

Option 1 – Education plan

What is the name of the plan adopted at the national level keeping in view the entire country’s needs and resources?

1. Gross level planning

2. Micro-level planning

3. 1 and 2

4. None of them

Option 1 – Gross level planning

What is the name of the plan adopted keeping in view micro-level issues from the Macro-root level?

1. Macro-level Planning

2. Micro-level planning

3. The above two are correct

4. None of them

Option 2 – Micro-level planning

Who will prepare the hierarchy register in the school?

1. Student

2. Teacher

3. Headmaster

4. Class teacher

Option 4 – Class teacher

Who is the textbook in Gandhiji’s view? ( Teaching Council Aptitude Test )

1. Student

2. Teacher

3. Headmaster

4. Textbook

Option 2 – Teacher

What should be the site to establish a school?

1. The selected site should have the facility to be extended in the future

2. Should be distant enough from the humdrum of life

3. It should be as near as possible to school-going age children and all sections of people

4. All the above

Option 4 – All the above

What is the ideal number of students in a class?

1. 40

2. 60

3. 80

4. 70

Option 1 – 40

What is the area to be allotted to each student?

1. 8 sft

2. 20 sft

3. 5 sft

4. no limitation

Option 1 – 8 sft

What should be the area of a classroom?

1. 100 SFT

2. 200 SFT

3. 300 SFT

4. 500 SFT

Option 4 – 500 SFT

‘If the teacher and God appear before me simultaneously, I first bow to teacher only’ who said this?

1. Kabir

2. Gandhiji

3. Nanak

4. John Dewey

Option 1 – Kabir

Who is the author of the book “The school and society?

1. Montessori

2. Aristotle

3. Russeau

4. John Dewey

Option 4 – John Dewey

We covered all the above in this post for free so that you can practice well for the exam.

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