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Teaching Aptitude Online Test

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Teaching Aptitude Online Test. We covered all the Teaching Aptitude Online Test in this post for free so that you can practice well for the exam.

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We have divided this huge topic into several small posts on our website for free. You will get their respective links in the related posts section provided below.

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Teaching Aptitude Online Test Free for B. Ed and DEE CET Students

What percentage of national income is to be allotted to education according to the suggestions of the Kothari Commission?

1. 3%

2. 4%

3. 5%

4. 6%

Option 4 – 6%

To whom is non-formal education intended?

1. Educated Adults

2. Educated Employees

3. Boys & Girls

4. For Adults who have no education

Option 4 – For Adults who have no education

Which institute was established by an Act of Parliament to make the teachers’ education qualitative?

Which of the following is not associated with the UNO?



(C) Security Council


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Option 2 – NCTE

In which year was formed the National Council of Teachers’ Education?

1. 1953

2. 1973

3. 1993

4. 1976

Option 3 – 1993

Any teachers’ training college in the country must obtain recognition from

The International Court of Justice is located at?

(A) Geneva

(B) Hague

(C) Amsterdam

(D) Vienna

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Option 4 – NCTE

While teaching in the classroom, what should be the major attention of the teacher?

1. Students

2. On his teaching method

3. On his home needs

4. On lessons

Option 1 – Students

What is the teaching method adopted to explain the formulas of Maths?

1. Lecture method

2. Inductive method

3. Deductive method

4. Synthesis method

Option 3 – Deductive method

What the teacher should do in the classroom to motivate the student and encourage him?

1. Intelligent students should be complemented

2. All the students should be made to attend class

3. The teacher is expected to be humorous while teaching

4. All the above

Option 2 – All the students should be made to attend class

What kind of evaluation provides guidelines to the teacher, student, and also organizers?

1. Integral evaluation

2. Construction evaluation

3. Program evaluation

4. Constructive evaluation

Option 2 – Construction evaluation

What evaluation is taken into consideration before teaching a unit?

1. Confirming evaluation

2. Program evaluation

3. Balanced evaluation

4. Constructive evaluation

Option 1 – Confirming evaluation

When should be the lesson plan prepared?

1. Before teaching the lesson

2. While teaching a lesson

3. After teaching the lesson

4. After exams are over

Option 1 – Before teaching the lesson

I.Q. depends on …

1. Hereditary

2. Environment

3. Above two

4. None of the above

Option 3 – Above two

Pannal inspection in High Schools is the responsibility of

1. HM

2. MEO

3. Dy. D.E.O

4. J.D. of school education

Option 3 – Dy. D.E.O

Who will supervise the high schools?

1. M.E.O.

2. Deputy Inspector

3. P.E.O.

4. Deputy Educational Officer

Option 4 – Deputy Educational Officer

Which committee introduced work experience in education?

1. Kothari committee

2. Janardhan Reddy Committee

3. Mudaliar Committee

4. Radha Krishnan Committee

Option 1 – Kothari committee

Who opined that the planned program is an inspection to improve teaching?

1. Burton and Bruner

2. Adams and Dicky

3. Educational Dictionary

4. Ayer

Option 2 – Adams and Dicky

What are the benefits of educational and recreational tours?

1. Students will get direct knowledge

2. Teachers will get interval

3. There will be holidays for school

4. The headmaster will get a rest

Option 1 – Students will get direct knowledge

What is the natural inner psychological strength that comes from birth?

1. Attitude

2. Understanding

3. Talent

4. Learning

Option 3 – Talent

Which philosopher said that “Educational values will become educational objectives”?

1. Freud

2. Herlocke

3. Cunningham

4. Benjamin Blooms

Option 3 – Cunningham

What is a psychological defect?

1. Having intelligence more than necessary

2. Lacking necessary intelligence

3. Head has more weight than any other part of the body

4. Inability to heart lessons and recite them

Option 2 – Lacking necessary intelligence

Some students don’t come to school wearing proper dress

1. they should be fined

2. they should be kept outside the school

3. they should be handed over to P.E.T.

4. they should be told about its importance

Option 1 – they should be fined

What is the method by which specified lessons are kept in the lesson plans for some years?

1. Monocentre method

2. Topic center method

3. Spiral method

4. none

Option 2 – Topic center method

If the teacher displays talent in teaching…

1. He may be appreciated by the students

2. He may be appreciated by the headmaster

3. May increase his status in society

4. Can attend school late every day

Option 3 – May increase his status in society

On what day teachers’ day is celebrated?

1. 12th January

2. 5th September

3. 14th November

4. 8th March

Option 2 – 5th September

Who will use Brailey’s script?

1. Deaf

2. Dumb

3. Persons without hands

4. Blind

Option 4 – Blind

Who is the writer of the book The Science of Learning and ‘Art of Teaching”?

1. John Dewey

2. B.F. Skinner

3. Benjamin Bloom

4. Carl Pearson

Option 2 – B.F. Skinner

Through which method more matter can be taught in less time?

1. Lecture method

2. Discussion method

3. Inductive method

4. Deductive method

Option 1 – Lecture method

Which philosopher is famous for his question-answer method?

1. Aristotle

2. John Dewey

3. Socrates

4. Pestolozzi

Option 3 – Socrates

We covered all the teaching aptitude online test above in this post for free so that you can practice well for the exam.

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