Teaching Aptitude Questions for B.ED Entrance Exam

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Teaching Aptitude Questions for B.ED Entrance Exam. We covered all the Teaching Aptitude Questions for B.ED Entrance Exam in this post for free so that you can practice well for the exam.

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MCQ on B.Ed Entrance Exam for Students

Which commission suggested that children of primary level need not stay at school for more than 21/2 to 3 hours in school?

1. Secondary Education Commission

2. Eeswari Bhai Patel Commission

3. Kothari Commission

4. Janardhan Reddy Commission

Option 2 – Eeswari Bhai Patel Commission

Which institute develops the campaigning, teaching, learning, and Teaching aids for adult literacy?




4. SRC

Option 4 – SRC

Who said that school is a cooperative body?

1. Pestolozzi

2. Riburn

3. Gandhiji

4. Russeau

Option 2 – Riburn

Which is the state-level council for research and training for education?




4. SEB

Option 2 – SCERT

In which year the Government of India appointed Eeswari Bhai Patel Commission?

1. 1962

2. 1966

3. 1977

4. 1986

Option 3 – 1977

Which institute supervises teachers’ training col leges and provides suitable guidelines in designing district-level programs?





Option 2 – SCERT

Who holds the most crucial role in school structure?

1. Student

2. Teacher

3. Educational Committee Chairman

4. Headmaster

Option 4 – Headmaster

Which commission suggested that homework need not be given up to 5th standard and more opportunities should be provided for self-improvement of the pupil?

1. National Education Policy (1986)

2. Kothari Commission

3. Radha Krishnan Commission

4. Eeswari Bhai Patel Commission

Option 4 – Eeswari Bhai Patel Commission

What is the utility of a timetable?

1. It helps in conducting the school properly

2. It balanced the workload among the teachers

3. It helps in preventing wastage of time and services

4. All the above

Option 4 – All the above

What is the timetable with details of allotment of class, period, teacher wise called?

1. Class timetable

2. Teacher timetable

3. Exercise timetable

4. Homework timetable

Option 2 – Teacher timetable

When the teacher is not able to clarify a student’s doubt there and then, he has to do …

1. To repeat the same explanation that he gave earlier

2. Telling the class that the question was a foolish one

3. Ordering the student to sit down

4. Preparing himself to clarify the doubt in the next class

Option 4 – Preparing himself to clarify the doubt in the next class

Which committee suggested that the opportunity be provided to continue lifelong education in the educational process?

1. Kothari Commission

2. Secondary Education Commission

3. National Education Policy (1986)

4. Janardhana Reddy Commission

Option 3 – National Education Policy (1986)

Which commission suggested that Honours courses should be provided for talented students?

1. Kothari Commission

2. Calcutta University Education Commission

3. Indian Education Commission

4. NEP 1986

Option 2 – Calcutta University Education Commission

Which one of the following qualities are needed to become an ideal teacher?

1. Good dressing

2. Good language skills

3. Teaching through easy methods

4. To be kind to students

Option 3 – Teaching through easy methods

What is the main duty of schools today?

1. Imparting social values on students

2. Teaching skills to solve problems

3. Creating political awareness in students

4. None of the above

Option 1 – Imparting social values on students

What is the main purpose of teaching aptitude tests in B.Ed. and D.Ed entrance?

1. Testing the person to know to what extent he can succeed as a teacher

2. Filtering the students

3. Testing the student’s personality

4. Testing the students’ knowledge in the field of education

Option 1 – Testing the person to know to what extent he can succeed as a teacher

Which of the following is a feature in Operation Black Board (OBB)?

1. A building that will last all seasons

2. Providing a kit to the school needed for the teaching and learning process

3. Appointing a second teacher to Single Teacher Schools

4. All the above

Option 4 – All the above

Who is the right person to evaluate students’ performance? ( Teaching Aptitude Questions for B.ED Entrance Exam )

1. Examiner

2. Headmaster

3. Class teacher

4. Friend

Option 3 – Class teacher

The success of a teacher’s teaching depends on the following

1. The teacher’s personality

2. The subject which the teacher teaches

3. The knowledge of the teacher

4. Class suitable for teaching

Option 1 – The teacher’s personality

Which of the following will go a long way in making one a successful teacher?

1. Sociology

2. Philosophy

3. Educational Psychology

4. All the above

Option 3 – Educational Psychology

Who established the first teachers’ training college in India?

1. Pestolozzi

2. Gandhiji

3. Montessori

4. Karve

Option 4 – Karve

To which government or body is primary education related?

1. State Government

2. Central Government

3. Above two

4. Private bodies

Option 1 – State Government

In which year education department was declared to be a separate department?

1. 1947

2. 1957

3. 1962

4. 1946

Option 2 – 1957

Before being separated, with which department the education department was associated?

1. Child Welfare Department

2. Panchayati Raj Ministry

3. Human Resource Development

4. Agriculture and Health Department

Option 4 – Agriculture and Health Department

In which year was formed the Human Resource Development Ministry through the 17th amendment to the Constitution?

1. 1982

2. 1985

3. 1917

4. 1975

Option 2 – 1985

To whom evaluation is useful? ( Teaching Aptitude Questions for B.ED Entrance Exam )

1. For students

2. For teachers

3. For human beings

4. For Headmaster

Option 3 – For human beings

We covered all the teaching aptitude questions for b.ed entrance exam above in this post for free so that you can practice well for the exam.

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