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UGC NET History Exam

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UGC NET History Exam. We covered all the UGC NET History Exam MCQs in this post for free so that you can practice well for the exam.

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These types of competitive MCQs appear in exams like SSC, Railway, Bank, Delhi Police, UPSSSC, UPSC (Pre), State PCS, CDS, NDA, Assistant Commandant, and other Competitive Examinations, etc. We created all the competitive exam MCQs into several small posts on our website for your convenience.

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UGC NET History Exam Objective for Students

Who said ‘Hanuz Dilli Door Ast’?

(a) Nizamuddin Aulia

(b) Farid

(c) Nasiruddin Chiragh-i-Dehlavi

(d) None of the above

Option a – Nizamuddin Aulia

According to Alberuni, the successors of Kushanas who ruled over north India in the 10th and 11th centuries were:

(a) Gahadvalas

(b) Northern Kalachuris

(c) Hindushahis

(d) Southern Kalachuris

Option c – Hindushahis

Which of the following is not associated with the UNO?



(C) Security Council


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During the Sultanate period, the accession of a king was traditionally settled by:

(a) Succession

(b) Nomination

(c) Battle between probable candidates

(d) Determined by the Caliphs of Turkey

Option c – Battle between probable candidates

Who was the first Muslim ruler to formulate the theory of kingship similar to the theory of the divine right of the kings?

(a) Aibak

(b) Iltutmish

(c) Balban

(d) Alauddin Khalji

Option c – Balban

The International Court of Justice is located at?

(A) Geneva

(B) Hague

(C) Amsterdam

(D) Vienna

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The Sultan who made a successful attempt to free himself from the control of the ulemas was:

(a) Balban

(b) Alauddin Khalji

(c) Firoz Shah Tughlaq

(d) Jalaluddin Khalji

Option b – Alauddin Khalji

Iltutmish followed the policy of neutrality when Mangabarni asked for help against the Mongols because:

(a) He was not strong enough to help him

(b) He did not like Mangabarni

(c) He did not want to drag his infant kingdom into Central Asian politics

(d) He was scared of the Mongols

Option c – He did not want to drag his infant kingdom into central Asian politics

The most important check on the absolutism of sultans of Delhi was the power of:

(a) Wazir

(b) Ulemas

(c) Quran

(d) Caliph

Option b – Ulemas

Iqtas were:

(a) Hereditary assignments

(b) The personal property of the nobles

(c) Generally transferable revenue assignments

(d) None of the above

Option c – Generally transferable revenue assignments

Which of the following Arab traveler’s works is considered the mirror of the 11th century?

(a) Alberuni

(b) Amir Khusrau

(c) Ferishta

(d) Ahmad Sirhindi

Option a – Alberuni

We covered all the ugc net history exam mcqs above in this post for free so that you can practice well for the exam.

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