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Class 12 History Exam

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Class 12 History Exam. We covered all the Class 12 History Exam MCQs in this post for free so that you can practice well for the exam.

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These types of competitive MCQs appear in exams like SSC, Railway, Bank, Delhi Police, UPSSSC, UPSC (Pre), State PCS, CDS, NDA, Assistant Commandant, and other Competitive Examinations, etc. We created all the competitive exam MCQs into several small posts on our website for your convenience.

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Class 12 History Exam Objective for Students

Who was the great force behind the foundation of the first Indian Women’s University in Bombay in 1906?

(a) Dadabhai Naoroji

(b) D. K. Karve

(c) S. S. Bangali

(d) V. M. Malabari

Option b – D. K. Karve

Soon after the formation of the Indian National Congress, the British became suspicious of nationalists. Who among the following called Congress representing only the elite – ‘a microscopic minority’?

(a) Lord Napier

(b) Lord Dufferin

(c) Lord Ripon

(d) Lord Lytton

Option b – Lord Dufferin

Which of the following is not associated with the UNO?



(C) Security Council


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The British Officer who was a representative of the Governor General and who lived in a State that was not under direct British rule was called:

(a) Collector

(b) Viceroy

(c) Resident

(d) Agent

Option c – Resident

The ‘Doctrine of Lapse’ was a policy that aimed to:

(a) control the rebellions in the Princely States

(b) extend the military strength of the British

(c) regulate the landlords

(d) extend the territorial boundaries of the English East India Company

Option d – extend the territorial boundaries of the English East India Company

The International Court of Justice is located at?

(A) Geneva

(B) Hague

(C) Amsterdam

(D) Vienna

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Which of the following tribes is associated with the “Tana Bhagat” movement?

(a) Uraon

(b) Munda

(c) Santhal

(d) Konda Dora

Option a – Uraon

When was Peshwaship abolished?

(a) In 1858

(b) In 1818

(c) In 1861

(d) In 1802

Option b – In 1818

Sindh was annexed by the British in:

(a) 1843

(b) 1845

(c) 1849

(d) 1854

Option a – 1843

The Indian Famine Code, of 1883 was prepared by:

(a) Hunter Commission

(b) Hartog Commission

(c) Strachey Commission

(d) Indigo Commission

Option c – Strachey Commission

On which of the following railway stations of South Africa, Mahatma Gandhi was thrown out of the train?

(a) Johannesburg

(b) Pietermaritzburg

(c) Durban

(d) Pretoria

Option b – Pietermaritzburg

We covered all the class 12 history exam mcqs above in this post for free so that you can practice well for the exam.

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