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History Exam Answers

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History Exam Answers. We covered all the History Exam Answers in this post for free so that you can practice well for the exam.

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These types of competitive MCQs appear in exams like SSC, Railway, Bank, Delhi Police, UPSSSC, UPSC (Pre), State PCS, CDS, NDA, Assistant Commandant, and other Competitive Examinations, etc. We created all the competitive exam MCQs into several small posts on our website for your convenience.

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History Exam Objective with Answers for Students

Which one of the following social reformers strongly opposed the Jury Act of 1826?

(a) Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar

(b) Raja Ram Mohan Roy

(c) Mahadev Govind Ranade

(d) Rajnarayan Basu

Option b – Raja Ram Mohan Roy

Which one of the following statements about the Indigo Revolt of 1859 is correct?

(a) It broke out at Poona and Ahmadnagar

(b) It was directed against moneylenders

(c) It was supported by the intelligentsia of Bengal

(d) It was directed against the petty Zamindars and ex-employees of the planters

Option c – It was supported by the intelligentsia of Bengal

Which of the following is not associated with the UNO?



(C) Security Council


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Who among the following was the founder of the Young Bengal Young Movement?

(a) Henry Vivian Derozio

(b) David Hare

(c) Dwarkanath Tagore

(d) Prasanna Kumar Tagore

Option a – Henry Vivian Derozio

Dewan Velu Thampi’s rebellion against the British took place in the Indian state of :

(a) Awadh

(b) Kashmir

(c) Travancore

(d) Mysore

Option c – Travancore

The International Court of Justice is located at?

(A) Geneva

(B) Hague

(C) Amsterdam

(D) Vienna

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The title ‘Raja’ was conferred on Ram Mohun Roy by the Mughal emperor :

(a) Jahandar Shah

(b) Mohammad Shah

(c) Akbar II

(d) Bahadur Shah Zafar

Option c – Akbar II

The custom of ‘Sati’ was banned through legislation in the year :

(a) 1795

(b) 1800

(c) 1829

(d) 1858

Option c – 1829

The leader of the Munda rebellion (Ulgulan) was :

(a) Sidho

(b) Birsa

(c) Bapat

(d) Korra Malya

Option b – Birsa

……. was the center of the Aligarh movement.

(a) The Deoband School

(b) The Anglo-Oriental College

(c) Pir-Fakir Majlis

(d) The Khilafat Committee

Option b – The Anglo-Oriental College

With which Revolt names of Sidhu and Kanu are associated?

(a) Santhal

(b) Chakma

(c) Khasi

(d) Indigo

Option a – Santhal

We covered all the history exam answers above in this post for free so that you can practice well for the exam.

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