Normalization in DBMS MCQ

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Normalization in DBMS MCQ. We covered all the Normalization in DBMS MCQ in this post so that you can practice well for the exam.

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Materialized views make sure that

a) View is verified for errors

b) View is updated

c) View is kept Stable

d) View is deleted after specifying the error

Option b – View is updated

The ……….. condition allows a general predicated over the relations being joined

a) On

b) Using

c) Set

d) Where

Option a – On

Which of the join operations do not preserve non-matched tuple

a) Left outer Join

b) Right outer Join

c) Inner Join

d) None

Option c – Inner Join

A …….. Consists of a sequences of query or update statements.

a) Transaction

b) Commit

c) Rollback

d) Flash back

Option a – Transaction

Which of the following makes the transaction permanent in the database

a) View

b) Commit

c) Rollback

d) Flash back

Option b – Commit

What does rollback do

a) Un-does the Transaction before commit

b) Clear all Transactions

c) Redo all the transaction before commit

d) No Action

Option d – No Action

A …….. is a special kind of stored procedure that execute in response to certain action on table

a) View

b) Trigger

c) Function

d) None

Option b – Trigger

Triggers are supported in ………

a) Delete

b) Update

c) View

d) ALL

Option c – View

The variables in the trigger are declared using ……… symbol

a) –

b) @

c) /

d) /@

Option b – @

which of the following creates a virtual relationship and stores the query

a) View

b) Procedure

c) Function

d) None

Option a – View

We covered all the normalization in DBMS MCQ above in this post for free so that you can practice well for the exam.

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